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Create a life
reflective of your

true essence

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So many people set aside their creative or personal passions, losing touch with their true interests, talents, and authentic desires.

But that 
doesn't have to be you.

Jamie Lynn has created a sanctuary at Space to Shine to support talented, influential, often times unfulfilled creatives  and changemakers to learn to embrace the winds of change, access their inner power and create a vibrant purposful life that is no longer dictated by outside influences.

If you've been looking for a space that combines experiential healing with practical solutions to help you recalibrate your mental and emotional patterns, to be supportive of the creative potential that you know is within you... Welcome Home!

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Hi, I''m Jamie Lynn 

I am the founder of Space to Shine, a Holistic LIfe Coach and Energy Healer dedicated to serving those who are meant to uplift the world on their transformative journeys.


For the last decade I have been blessed to support entrepreneurs, thoughtleaders, changemakers, and creatives to access their access their gifts, expand their influence and learn to create from a state of flow. 

My superpower lies in holding space for people to learn how to bring reverance to the process of thier own evolution. So that instead of jumping from experience to experience, chasing the next "high" they cultivate an deep relationship with themselves, their gifts, their fullest self-expression to lead an essence driven life that impacts many.

I don't believe in one size fits all coaching. With extensive training and certifications in Holistic Entrepreneurship, Mindvalley Life Coaching, Reiki Mastery, Shamanic Practice, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Sound Energy Healing, I create  personalized guidance that is going to be the most impactful in context of the people I serve.

By blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques, I help to release stagnant energy and restore balance across mind, body, and spirit. To tap into your fullest self-expression, without the destructive patterns that you may have previously turned to. And to ROCK the life that ignites your souls purpose! 

With an unwavering commitment to my own dharma, I am looking forward to being your guide and ally on this path less travelled.

Here's how we can work together

3 Months-Private Coaching

Soul Sessions-3 Month container is a unique experience that is a gentle, yet powerful way to connect with your inner self. It combines experiential healing with practical solutions to help you recalibrate your mental and emotional patterns, to be supportive of the creative potential that you know is within you. With customized insights and strategies tailored to your unique path.

2 Spots Now Available 

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Special Limited Time Offer


Manifestors Bundle

A very special series of 3 private sessions with Jamie Lynn

This special limited time offering is

 more than a coaching experience;


 having personalized guidance for your individual needs and aspirations and support to stay committed to intentions & goals


experiencing a transformative journey like the awakening of spring, where you emerge from our sessions with renewed vitality, clarity, and a deep sense of purpose. 


blossoming like the vibrant spring flowers, empowered to embrace change, cultivate inner harmony, and bloom into your fullest potential

Conscious Creation for the Seasonal Soul

Do you need help deciding what is the best fit for you?
You know it's time to embrace the changes but you are unsure on the next best step for you... I've got you. Book a Clarity Call today.

Free Clarity Call w/Jamie

You know that it is time to embrace the sigificant changes and desires in your life, but you are unsure of the next steps? This Clarity Call is your guide to discovering what's next for you and how you can best be supported. 

Book your free call now and embark on a path to a more empowered, fulfilling life.

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A Free Gift for You

Soulful Journal Prompts

There are moments when we all need a little nudge to get the words flowing, but it's not always easy to do. So here are some cherished journaling prompts I've found to be a source of inspiration and insight. Embracing a practice like journaling can be a profound way to connect with your inner self.

In this mini-journal you'll find prompts for...

  • Gratitude and Celebration

  • Shifting Discontent

  • Dreams for the Future

  • A Letter to Your Past Self

  • Monthly Lessons

  • Confronting Fears

  • A Heartfelt Connection


Allow these prompts to be like gentle whispers, guiding you into the depths of your own soul. In the spirit of love and blessings, may your journaling practice be a sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Love and blessings, Jamie Lynn McIntosh

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Client Success Stories

"Jamie has absolutely changed my soul, my mindset, my programming, and my calmness. She has taught me tools to keep cool when life gets turned up WAY too high. Reiki with her is a magical experience, she channels so strong and you leave feeling like a new person, with greater balance. I could not put into words the magic in this space and especially that which flows through Jamie."
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