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Radiance™ Intro to Toltec Mysticism and Lvl1 Aka Dua Transmission w/Taylor Doretti and Michelle La Fontaine

Radiance™ Intro to Toltec Mysticism & Lvl1 Aka Dua Transmission. Sat, July 31st 4p-7p Toltec mysticism is the art of mastering attention and higher states consciousness.The Toltec system focuses on building higher dimensional bodies to house the spirit of the being to become a fully developed soul.
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Radiance™ Intro to Toltec Mysticism and Lvl1 Aka Dua Transmission w/Taylor Doretti and Michelle La Fontaine

Time & Location

Jul 31, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Collective Energy Yoga Studios, 215 Avenida Del Mar l, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

About the Event

Radiance™ Intro to Toltec Mysticism and the Level I Aka Dua Transmission

led by Taylor Doretti and Michelle La Fontaine

Saturday,  July 31st 4pm-7pm

Mike - Healer & Meditation Teacher - "I received the Aka Dua from Michelle and it was quite a powerful experience. I have had many experiences in the energetic/metaphysical world, but this was different. The way I could feel the transmission coming to me, quite viscerally, was like this intense magnetic flow of energy she was imparting to me. I could feel there was also some ancient vibe being tapped into. There were a couple of the specific types of the transmission that were incredibly intense, like a lava flow of energy being poured into me. In practicing the Aka Dua following the transmission, I noticed how much more deeply I felt energy and how it made it that much easier to get deeper into a meditative state while formally meditating. It also made my own energy healing practice more powerful, whichWho are the Toltecs? I have noticed myself, and have also been told by those receiving that they felt a difference. I look forward to receiving the level 2 Aka Dua and highly recommend this transmission, especially from Michelle!"


Who are the Toltecs?

The Toltecs were an ancient civilization from Mesoamerica whose culture was based in higher dimensional spirituality. What makes their civilization unique is that they integrated their spiritual practices into every aspect of their culture: art, sciences, athletics, agriculture, and even war.

What is Toltec Mysticism?

Toltec mysticism is the art of mastering attention and higher states of consciousness.

The Toltec system focuses on building higher dimensional bodies to house the spirit of the being in order to become a fully developed soul, so that it can maintain its individual awareness beyond the body's death. During the ancient era of the Toltec civilization, the spiritual current and subtle physical substance behind this spiritual transformation was commonly referred to as The Power.

Until recently this substance was concealed and kept secret, being passed on only from teacher to student. However, in the early 2000s the energy for this transformation was released to the public by the Shaman Nagual Tata Koyote. Today, this energy system is taught through, what is now called, the Aka Dua.


What is Aka Dua?

The term Aka Dua is Egyptian and its translation is “Unity Uttermost Shown”. Aka Dua is an ancient Solar substance that was refined and purified by the spiritual descendants of the Toltec King Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl. Its legendary roots may be traced back to Atlantis.

Aka Dua is used today for many practical purposes including healing, the creation of art, business, music, and other professional career paths. In the simplest terms, Aka Dua is a subtle physical substance capable of making profound changes on the material plane.

How is the Aka Dua taught & received?

The Aka Dua is taught through a series of transmissions of frequencies that facilitate a series of evolutionary changes within the spiritual seeker.

The evolution and transformation that comes from receiving this transmission burns karma and clears blockages within the subtle body, empowers psychic and energetic development, and creates a magnetic link to the Source of All That Is. All of these points of transformation work together to pull the being into higher aligned states of consciousness.


Practical Uses-

  • Healing (Energetic & Physical)-
  • Enhanced Meditation- Manifestation-
  • Enhanced Astral Voyaging and Lucid Dreaming-
  • Artistic & Creative Development

Other Benefits & Results

  • Clearing obstacles & blockages in one’s path-
  • Increased energetic capacity & vitality-
  • Refinement of the subtle energy system-
  • Development of psychic abilities and energetic sensitivities-
  • Brings the outer world into deeper alignment with one’s purpose in life-
  • Improved dreaming and lucidity-
  • Powerful tool for healing that takes other modalities to a whole new level (Reiki, bodywork, Acupuncture, etc.)

What Practitioners are saying

Sierra - Non Profit Founder - "The Aka Dua has been a great tool to help me to step into my manifestation power. I didn't know what to expect of the experience, but by the time I received the Unknown frequency, my world was literally spinning. It's been 7 months and my three main manifestation goals have become my new reality. As someone who struggles with mental health, the Aka Dua has been a fantastic part of my overall treatment, and I am incredibly grateful for the gift."

Amy - Jeweler - "Receiving the Aka Dua transmission from Michelle was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Each of the 7 frequency transmissions felt like an entirely different mental and physiological experience. It was as if we were in our own powerful energy bubble. I felt a clear difference in my being in the days following. I embrace the Aka Dua the most in my creative endeavors. Not only do I feel my ideas and imagination expanding, it shows in my work as well as a jeweler. I embed the Aka Dua in each piece, and I truly feel that my customers can feel it coming through as well. I am more confident in my creative abilities and trust my intuition."


About the Facilitators:

Michelle La Fontaine

Michelle is a sorceress who embodies the Light and the Unknown. For the past 22 years she has been consciously seeking the greater mysteries of the Other World, while practicing healing, energy work, divination, and various forms of mysticism.Michelle is a healer and teacher. Her unique focus is centered around guiding women to access their personal power through female-focused mysticism to fulfill their heart's desires. Her own heart is centered on enlightenment, and all matters of things that are beyond life and that exist outside what the mind can touch and conceive.Michelle is a lineage holder of an esoteric Toltec tradition, and has had the privilege and blessing to study with multiple Enlightened teachers who continue to provide her with true esoteric knowledge on her path of awakening.Michelle hosts weekly classes, workshops, mentorship programs and healing sessions for those on the path of Self-Realization and Personal Empowerment. She is currently finishing her Masters Degree in the ancient teachings of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture, with a dual focus in Integrative Medicine. During her last year of study, she can be found treating and guiding individuals on their healing journeys at her school’s community clinic.

Taylor Doretti

Taylor is a modern mystic who embraces and embodies the contemporary world we all share. His work is centered around the convergence of guiding you in your unique path to Self Realization and cultivating prosperity with your individual Dharma (life's purpose).Taylor is an established entrepreneur, astrologer, and currently works in Financial Technology as a software project manager. He is a lineage holder of an esoteric Toltec tradition, and draws influence from several Enlightened traditions in a refined approach for the modern world.Taylor holds local & online classes, workshops, courses and mentorship opportunities for you to take your life and practice to the next level.

Both Michelle and Taylor are Level 4 Aka Dua Adepts and have been working with the energy since 2016.

Join the Workshop and Learn the foundations of Toltec mysticism and How to incorporate its unique path into your spiritual development!

Personal Investment: $150

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