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Amazionian Sound Bath Experience

Amazonian Sound Bath led by Sasha Selva Sat, January 30, 2021 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Join us for a safe socially distanced Amazonian Sound Healing event. Enjoy ancient Amazonian songs & modern instruments.Sasha Selva has spent many years in Peruvian Amazonia and learned her craft of vocal sound healing
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Amazionian Sound Bath Experience

Time & Location

Jan 30, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Collective Energy Yoga Rental Studios, 215 Avenida Del Mar l, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA

About the Event

Amazonian Sound Bath led by Sasha Selva

Sat, January 30, 2021 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM 

Join us for a safe socially distanced Amazonian Sound Healing event in San Clemente! 

Enjoy ancient Amazonian songs & modern instruments.

What is an Amazonian Sound Bath?

It’s an experience simply unlike any other. Sasha Selva has spent many years in Peruvian Amazonia and learned her craft of vocal sound healing from healers of the Shipibo Tribe. She utilizes her voice as a channel for pure universal energy that brings love, harmony, relaxation, creativity and blessings to people. In her ceremony she uses ancient Amazonian Songs, Tribal Medicine Songs called Ikaros, Chants, Mantras and modern resonant instruments to help you can experience very pure higher states of consciousness, connection to your higher self (or source) pure bliss, emotional breakthroughs, stress relief, a swell achieve a state of trance where you receive complete mind and body relaxation as well as important insights from your higher self. A sound bath is an acoustic guided meditation journey within yourself and a great opportunity to explore your own world of emotions. It calms the mind, reduces stress and balances your biochemistry by reducing your stress hormones. It’s a great way to de stress, balance your nervous system, honor your emotions, receive wisdom and give your body the loving care it needs during these uncertain times.


Health benefits of sound therapy are:

* Reduced pain

* Decreased anxiety or depression

* Improved sleep

* Improved cardiovascular measures

* Increased dopamine and pleasure

* Reduced stress & Improved biochemistry ( reduced stress hormones - cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline)

* Complete relaxation

* Deeper meditation

* Profound connection to the divine

* Improved concentration and focus

Safety is very important to us! Space is limited to 22 people to ensure social distancing

We will be practicing social distancing (6' apart) and wearing masks when interacting.

Please make sure to bring your mask and wear it the whole time

To bring with you:

* Warm clothing, jacket. I may leave the doors and windows open during the event for optimal ventilation

* yoga mat to lie on.

* Blanket

* Pillows for your neck and /or knees.

* Eye mask (if desired)

* Water or tea to drink

* A friend or a loved one to enjoy it with


Every cell, organ, organ, system, and chakra has an optimum, healthy frequency or rate of vibration and illness occurs when some parts or parts are not vibrating harmoniously with itself or other organs as a whole. In other words there is a dissonance. Specific sound which is directed at the body can bring the whole system into balance by resolving this dissonance and creating a sympathetic resonance. In other words, a sound healing instrument or voice can cause one vibrating object (organ) that’s dissonant to vibrate in harmony with the instrument and the rest of the organs. Our body has the ability to tune and recalibrate itself during a sound bath session for optimal harmony and relaxation.

What to expect:

During this event you will be laying down and meditating while listening to different songs and instruments that the sound healing practitioner will perform for you. This is a perfect opportunity to go inward and deeply connect to your inner world as you relax and enjoy all the the healing sounds and the frequency vibrations of the instruments. Most of the journey you will be in a very relaxed meditative dream like state so falling asleep is also very common and perfectly ok. You will still receive the full benefit of the sound bath if you fall asleep.

How to get the most out of your sound bath experience?

Set an intention, and meditate on it while you enjoy the sounds. The journey will take you where you need to be and give you the answers you are looking for.

Investment $65

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